About the creator

John ochoa (12 years of age) is an amazing person who created this website because he was inspired by other papercrafting websites. he has done many other papercrafts himself, even though most of them where failed attempts. Johns favourite videogames are starfox, mario and a whole bunch of others.


q:How long have you been doing papercraft?

a:About a year and a half

q:Did you design those papercrafts?

a:No, these papercrafts were designed by seperate papercraft hobbyists. if i can, i will problably design my own papercraft using pepakura designer.

q:Is papercraft worth the time and ink?

a:Yes, BUT, if you mess up your going to feel like you wasted time (and ink)

q:Whats your dream job?

a:To become an architect (you can kinda see how architectural stuff and papercraft are somewhat similar)

No more questions? no? okay! so…heres a picture of a waffle.



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